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Partnership with Kaspersky

Grow your business – by partnering with a world leader. We provide the tools, incentives and support to help you take your business to the next level.

Across the world, Kaspersky is recognized for its innovative security solutions. And now we’ve developed an innovative program – Kaspersky United Partner Program – that does more to help our partners do business with us.


Channel Sales Partnerships

Are you a distributor or reseller looking to boost your business by offering your customers a world-leading portfolio of cybersecurity solutions that they can rely on? You’ve come to the right place — the Kaspersky United Partner Program gives you all the tools, incentives and support you need to grow your business faster than your competitors. Kaspersky’s multifaceted portfolio goes beyond just endpoint security, and now includes Managed Detection and Response, EDR, IaaS, threat intelligence services, industrial cybersecurity and a whole lot more.

Managed Service Provider Partnerships

Handling security breaches is a key concern for most companies. Expand your managed service offerings and grow your business with Kaspersky’s dedicated MSP Program. Light touch deployment and powerful tools, managed from a single console, make it easy to deliver the world’s most tested, most awarded security to customers.

Technology Partnerships

A vast array of software vendors, hardware vendors and service providers have chosen our innovative security technologies to help protect their customers from online attacks, mobile threats, ransomware and more.

Kaspersky Business Platform

Program for companies creating digital products and services for end users in one of the following areas: family, gaming, fintech and cryptocurrencies, security and privacy, the internet of things and smart home, work and education of the future. Partners selected for the program will have the opportunity to promote their solutions to Kaspersky's audience and create bundles with products from the cybersecurity industry leader.

Service Provider Partnerships

We partner with service providers - B2C Channel Partners, Mobile Network Operators, ISPs, Banks, Insurers, Utilities & more - to deliver advanced cybersecurity via subscription, maximizing operator ARPU and LTV over hundreds of projects. We provide a range of seamless security and privacy services for consumer devices and smart homes.

Allowlist Program

Our Allowlist Program lets software vendors and developers add their software to the Kaspersky Allowlist knowledge base – to establish their software as ‘trusted’ and to help ensure it’s not wrongly classified as malicious.


Kaspersky is committed to working together with other leading software and hardware vendors to provide the best information security solutions possible. We have formed strategic partnerships with a number of global industry leaders. These relationships form the basis for improved services and products.